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Cryogenic Liquid Storage Vessel Installation

PGM Cryogenics Ltd supply a range of high quality, Vacuum Insulated Cryogenic Storage Vessels in vertical or horizontal design. Our products combine safety, flexibility and easy economical operation, to meet your individual, specific requirements.


The vessels are designed for long-term storage of liquefied cryogenic liquids / gases & can be supplied to meet a vast range of pressure and volume needs.


All Vessels are in accordance with national pressure vessel codes & provide high-efficiency, economical vacuum-insulated storage of atmospheric gases. PGM Cryogenics Ltd also supply the following associated equipment to meet your requirements.


•  Electric, Steam, Hot Water & Ambient Vaporisers

•  Vacuum Insulated Pipework

•  Contract Lift Crane / Vessel Transportation

•  Integral Stainless Pipework / Filling Valves & connections

•  Pressure Building Requirements & Control

•  Instrumentation including level / pressure gauges

•  Pressure Relief Valves

•  WIMES compliant powder coated paint finish


PGM Cryogenics also supply a range of Mini Gas Tanks which provide the versability of transportable or stationary gas supply in smaller volumes.


The equipment is designed & built in accordance with EN 13458 and conform to directive 2014/68/EU. The tanks are available in capacities from 2,000 to 60,000 litres with storage pressures up to 37 bar. The integral pipework is designed for easy access to all operational control valves & include a high performance safety system with dual relief valves supplied as standard. Larger capacity vessels can be bespoke designed & constructed to order.

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