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Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Unit 

Installation & Maintenance

At PGM Cryogenics Ltd, we supply, install & service Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Units in compliance with F Gas & ODS Regulations.


Any company who operates, uses or installs refrigeration equipment that contains more than 3 kg of F Gas refrigerant, is subject to the EC Ozone Depletion Substance (ODS) & F Gas EC Regulation 517/2014. The main aim of the F Gas (fluorinated gases) Regulations is to reduce environmental damage from the leakage of refrigerants into the atmosphere and improve the energy efficiency of refrigeration system. It is your duty to ensure:

•  Refrigeration plant is always leak tight

•  Anyone who handles refrigerant is fully qualified to City & Guilds – 2079 Standards

•  Regular leak inspections are carried out on each item of plant

•  Leaks are repaired as soon as possible after detection

•  Detailed records track refrigerant from design to disposal (F Gas Log Sheet)

•  F Gases are recovered during servicing and at the end of plant life

•  Equipment is labelled with name and quantity of gas


PGM Cryogenics Ltd are fully compliant & registered with Refcom for F Gas Certification. Our Company Certificate has been issued in accordance with the Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases Regulations 2009 No. 261: Registration number: REF1012959.


To achieve F Gas Registration, our company has demonstrated that we employ appropriately qualified personnel in a sufficient number, to cover the expected number of activities in the instalation, maintenance & servicing of stationary refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump equipment containing or designed to contain certain fluorinated greenhouse gases.


Fluorinated gases have a high global warming effect if released into the atmosphere. The principal objective of the EC Regulation 517/2014 on certain fluorinated greenhouse gases is to contain, prevent and thereby reduce emissions of F Gases covered by the Kyoto Protocol.


Our company compliance with these regulations is a demonstration of our commitment to protecting the environment & promoting good working practice.

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