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Industrial Gas Storage Vessel - Sales and Rental

PGM Cryogenics Ltd supply and Install a comprehensive range of pressure vessels for Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, Argon, Oxygen and Industrial Cryogenic Gas storage. With our proven technical knowledge, we provide all stages of the installation package from original design specification to final plant commissioning.


As independent specialists in this market, we offer competitive sale or rental options which are free from gas supply contract. This allows our customers to choose the best value bulk gas supplier, with the freedom to negotiate supply contract without the necessity to replace the storage vessels & associated equipment. We supply accurate guidance for the best value bulk gas suppliers and ensure that your business operates in the most cost effective and efficient manner.


Important - Please Remember - Large, Multi-National gas supply companies will aim to install their own storage vessel (on a rental basis) and also supply the gas product. This ties your company into a combined fixed term vessel rental & gas supply contract. Once the fixed term contract has expired and should the price of gas supply increase, your company will have no flexibility to compare the market and get a competitive quote, because the large, Multi-National Company will still own the vessel & will not allow other supplier to fill it! If you do decide to change supplier, you will incur hidden vessel removal costs & need to find funds for a new installation. With PGM Cryogenics Ltd, as an independent vessel supplier, you have flexibility to choose the gas supply company & negotiate the best value contract.


When you rent a vessel from PGM Cryogenics Ltd, we ensure compliance with The Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000. We will carry out the required Planned Preventative Maintenance inspections in accordance with the Written Scheme of Examination for that particular vessel, including the fitting of any replacement parts (subject to contract). With the Planned Preventative Maintenance Package, we include checking vessel safety devices and labelling, recording and repairing any defects to ensure the vessel is in safe and good working order and compliant with current legislation. We will carry out regular full audits of your equipment and on completion following any necessary remedial work has been carried out, you will receive the documentation and certificates for your records, giving you the peace of mind that your legal requirements have been met.

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