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Statutory Insurance Inspection Services

PGM Cryogenics Ltd specialize in storage vessel preparation for Statutory 5 yearly Internal Insurance Inspection. This is carried out in accordance with Confined Spaces Regulations 1997. We provide specific CO2 vessel entry in compliance with NC2 – Medium Risk Confined Space 6150 -02 Water (UK) standards & provide the following equipment / documentation:


•  Method Statement / Risk Assessment (RAMS) compilation.

•  Complete plant isolation / decommissioning procedure including Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO) compliance.

•  Site Personnel / Insurance Inspector Confined Space Entry ensuring correct, direct, unobstructed access.

•  Confined space Rescue full body harness with continuous attachment to a safety rescue rope / lanyard.

•  Portable gas monitor capable of detecting low oxygen, explosive and appropriate toxic atmospheres.

•  15 minute Emergency Escape Kits (breathing apparatus) & guidance for use.

•  Emergency Rescue Plan / Safety Man Provision


PGM Cryogenics Ltd have worked closely with a variety of Insurance Inspection Companies over a number of years. We can provide guidance and introduction to the most appropriate Insurance Authority to meet your company needs. 


If your company decides to install a CO2 or Cryogenic Gas storage vessel, you must comply with The Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000. As a member of the British Compressed Gases Association (BCGA) & British Cryogenic Council (BCC), PGM Cryogenics Ltd will ensure your company compliance.

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