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Industrial Sectors

Bulk Industrial Cryogenic Liquefied Gases include liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen and liquid argon. All are produced in large quantities at air separation plants by liquefaction and distillation of atmospheric air, into its component parts at cryogenic temperatures. Liquid carbon dioxide, which is recovered and purified from industrial sources, is also available in bulk volumes.


Liquefied industrial gases are supplied in bulk volumes to customers by cryogenic tankers into onsite storage, for use in a wide variety of applications. They are stored as cryogenic liquids in vacuum-insulated vessels (or specific CO2 storage vessels) which can provide several days / weeks supply and can be used as either a liquid or gas (by vaporisation).


We can provide expert assistance in the following fields:

•  Food Industries (including chilling, freezing & Modified Atmosphere Packaging – MAP)

•  Agriculture / Horticulture including plant propagation, fruit nurseries & growing applications

•  Water and Waste treatment (including pH control)

•  Brewing & Beverages (including carbonation for beer, cider, lager, soft drinks & water).

•  Meat, Poultry, fish & seafood processing plant

•  Cylinder Filling Plant (including gas mixtures & fire extinguishers).

•  Welding & Cutting (including N2 & O2 laser cutting).

•  Electronics (including semi-conductors & environmental test chambers).

•  Metals Engineering & Manufacture (including foundry, metallurgy & heat treatment).

•  Chemical & Petrochemical (including on-site gas production & cryogenic grinding).

•  Pharmaceutical & Healthcare (including temperature controlled transport & transport cooling).

•  Plastics, Paint & Rubber Production.

•  Glass & Ceramics Industries.

•  Dry Ice & Dry Ice Pellets (including food freezing & blast cleaning).

•  Abattoir – Cattle, Pig & Chicken Stunning.

•  Aerosol pressurisation plant (CFC free).

•  Fire Suppression Systems

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